How to Get Quantum Computer Secure in 2020!

How to Get Quantum Computer Secure in 2020! If you were unaware, 2020 is the year quantum computers move from research labs into the hands of the mass markets. We have reached the tipping point where quantum computers can outperform the capabilities of today’s classical computers. 2020 will be known as the year of Quantum […]

Secured2 & Foxconn Industrial Internet (Fii) partnership

Secured2 & Foxconn Industrial Internet (Fii) create global alliance Quantum computer resilient data security pioneers, Secured2 Corporation, has partnered with Foxconn Industrial Internet, the global leader in advanced manufacturing & industrial internet solutions. TAIWAN, New Taipei City, December 17, 2019 — Secured2 Corporation (Secured2) and Foxconn Industrial Internet (Fii) today announced that they have signed […]

Quantum Computer Supremacy & Why You Should Care

Quantum Computer Supremacy should be something you care about. At this point in history, they are mystical machines that seem other-worldly, almost alien and run advanced mathematics that even Einstein can’t figure out. Yet, these incredible ‘math machines’ are here, they are live, and now Google just announced the Quantum Supremacy. This basically means Google’s […]

Quantum Computing Supremacy is here!

Quantum Computing Supremacy has been reached! It can now outperform traditional computers. What is quantum computing? Well, lets back up a bit. Quantum computing is a emerging type of computing that is much different then the PC, Mac or mobile device. The traditional device in front of you right now creates your experience and processes […]

Secured2 & Amazon Web Services partner for cloud security.

Secured2 Corporation expands offerings as a Technology Partner in the Amazon Web Services Partner Network Secured2 Corporation was founded in 2012 to solve the single largest problem facing our digital world, data security and the failure of encryption systems. Secured2 developed a technology platform that processes data beyond encryption using its patented Shrink > Shred […]

Tradition Capital Bank selects Secured2 to provide industry leading security and business automation

Tradition Capital Bank selects Secured2 to provide industry leading security and business automation Secured2 Corporation announced today that Tradition Capital Bank, headquartered in Edina, Minnesota, is implementing Secured2’s beyond encryption and quantum resilient data security for all corporate email. Additionally, Tradition Capital Bank and Secured2 are developing a business automation solution that streamlines internal document […]

Secured2 announces first Cyber Warranty to Indemnify Users against Data Breaches

Secured2 today announced an industry-first Cyber Warranty Program that combines leading-edge security with data-breach indemnification. The warranty program, which provides up to $5 million in indemnification benefits, was designed and is offered by a unique partnership that includes Secured2; Risk Cooperative, a specialized risk advisory firm and Lloyds of London coverholder for cyber insurance; and […]

Secured2 appoints Microsoft cloud technology expert Joe Vandermark to its advisory board

Secured2 appoints Microsoft cloud technology expert Joe Vandermark to its advisory board Secured2 Corporation announced on Friday the appointment of Joe Vandermark, a Microsoft cloud technology expert, to its Board of Advisors. In this role, Joe will be advising Secured2 in product and market strategy and assisting with the company’s fast growth with Microsoft. Joe […]

Secured2 Corporation, Risk Cooperative and Ridge Global Announce Partnership to provide ‘cyber liability protection’ for all Secured2 customers.

Secured2 Corporation, in partnership with Risk Cooperative and Ridge Global, today announced the creation of a breakthrough cyber liability insurance policy. This proprietary innovation, available in Fall 2017, will offer a combination of ‘beyond encryption’ data security and indemnification insurance to all customers of Microsoft that are using the Secured2 solutions in Office365 or the […]

Secured2 Announces Microsoft Exchange Email Security App

Secured2 Corp. today announced with Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) that it completed the integration of it’s new data security application with Microsoft Exchange Email. This new security capability allows every exchange user in the world to communicate securely and beyond enryption. Providing new layers of security to prevent emerging threats like bit-locker, brute force hacking […]