How to Get Quantum Computer Secure in 2020!

If you were unaware, 2020 is the year quantum computers move from research labs into the hands of the mass markets. We have reached the tipping point where quantum computers can outperform the capabilities of today’s classical computers. 2020 will be known as the year of Quantum Supremacy and the point in time when computing fundamentally changed forever.

With Quantum Supremacy, it’s important to understand what it does and most importantly what it means to you. Quantum computing is rewriting the entire high-tech industry and it opens up a new realm of security issues. Today’s quantum computers are a total threat to you, your privacy and your security in this digital world. You might find it interesting to learn how much encryption is worth to our economy. It has the potential to upset the $40 trillion-dollar online banking industry, the $3.3 trillion dollar e-commerce industry and the $623.3 billion dollar cloud computing market. Just three of the many marketplaces that rely on encryption that today’s quantum computers can break in seconds.

For those of you who are just learning about quantum computing for the first time, I would encourage you to spend 30 minutes watching this Ted Talk video here. Craig Costello, Cryptographer at Microsoft, describes, in plain English, what a quantum computer does and the threat these new computers pose. As Microsoft’s head of cryptography states (Costello, 2019):


Anyone with access to a quantum computer will have the master key to unlock anything they like in our digital world.”
Craig Costello – Cryptographer at Microsoft Corp. – Ted Talk: Will quantum computers defeat cryptographers?


What Craig Costello doesn’t share is that China & Russia are both ahead of the United States in the quantum race and as it stands there is only one viable, tested, market ready and proven security solution against this threat. That’s Secured2 Corporation!

Everyone that depends on a secure internet is impacted by the new role quantum computing will play in breaking today’s encrypted systems. Researchers originally predicted that RSA 2048 encryption would be vulnerable to quantum computing hacking by 2031. Given the rapid acceleration of quantum computing and knowing that our adversaries have dumped billions to accelerate the marketability of quantum computing it’s believed that quantum computing is a threat TODAY! The good news is for now quantum computers are largely controlled by nation states and large corporations, but can these entities resist the temptation to use these machines and more importantly what is the risk to you? I believe the risks are incredibly high and I also believe your privacy is at stake right now.

Quantum computing beating cryptographers isn’t a future problem, it’s a -right now- problem.

“What most people don’t understand is that a quantum computer is just one half of the encryption breaking story. Algorithms like the Shor’s encryption breaking algorithm work on classical computers but get super-charged on quantum computers and has been a known way to break encryption for years. Most don’t know this, but today’s AES encryption has ‘no’ mathematical proofs it can secure data and we know this. Why? Because when AES 128 bit encryption was hacked, we needed stronger encryption so we moved to AES 256, then Blowfish 448 bit encryption. The fear today is a quantum computer can use the Shor’s factoring algorithm and break encryption in seconds, not weeks or months like it does on today’s classical supercomputers. So, all a quantum computer is really doing is taking existing factoring algorithms like Shor’s and giving them massive processing ability. Keep in mind the Shor’s algorithm is just one of many new factoring algorithms. Putting this into perspective Google recently was able to solve a calculation in 3 minutes and 20 second that would take Summit the most powerful classical supercomputer 10,000 years to calculate.

I believe that we cannot use the same math-based encryption solutions to meet the quantum threat. IBM, who is using advanced algebra to create long keys, or Microsoft, who is using geometric math to create long keys, are two solutions of many that are trying to keep ahead of the quantum computing advance. The challenge with these ‘new math’ solutions is ultimately you must solve a problem or know a secret. There is an answer to these solutions that can be solved with enough computing power. It is their vulnerability. We don’t believe the math-based solutions the market is working on now will work and we believe our approach of ‘physical data separation, data randomization and physical verification’ are the answer to a quantum safe future.

We founded Secured 2 to keep data safe and protect our friends, family & online way of life. Our team has worked to develop and launch the only data security software that is truly quantum resilient. Our ‘Shrink, Shred, Secure, Restore’ methodology protects data in a way that today’s math-based systems cannot. We have tested our product and we can show you that it cannot be hacked because we can prove it unlike math-based solutions that cannot. In fact, we are so confident in our data security, we offer an indemnification warranty up to $5M per customer if your data is breached while using our software. It’s backed by Lloyd’s of London.

Secured2 is already in market and is rapidly building into the cloud platforms you use each day like Microsoft, Google and Amazon to get them quantum ready & quantum safe. We are currently working with Foxconn to embed and deploy our solution into the electronics you purchase. I predict that soon you will see a ‘Secured2 quantum safe’ emblem on the electronics you buy, so you know you are protected.

My belief is standardization will happen in time as solutions like Secured2’s proliferates, and the market decides it’s the best path for our country. As well, the international community will play a part too and will quickly get behind solutions that solve their problems like Secured2.

Quantum computing has moved from obscurity to reality. It’s here to stay, it works and is now a threat to our encrypted systems. From banks, e-commerce websites to your personal communication. Nothing is safe with quantum computers but Secured2 has a solution that can protect you.

The challenge we have is getting our security into the market fast enough and into the things you use each day to protect you. The adage, “I don’t care about security because I don’t do anything bad and don’t really care if someone gets my email” will not hold in the future. My counter to that is “would you still use the internet if you knew all your data was able to be read and taken anywhere and anytime.” Security does matter – you just don’t know how much until it’s gone. We are there – and Secured2 is ready to protect you.

Written by: Daren Klum – CEO of Secured2 Corporation


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How to Get Quantum Computer Secure in 2020!