Secured2 Corp. today announced with Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) that it completed the integration of it’s new data security application with Microsoft Exchange Email. This new security capability allows every exchange user in the world to communicate securely and beyond enryption. Providing new layers of security to prevent emerging threats like bit-locker, brute force hacking of encryption, supercomputing and quantum computing.

This new email security app for Exchange email leverages the patented ‘shrink, shred, secure, restore’ technology behind Secured². Giving Exchange users the ability to not only secure their email beyond encryption but also their attachments. All in a seamless, easy to use and easy to install package.

Secured2 ‘Beyond Encryption’ email security for Exchange will be available May 1st in limited beta and will launch the first part of June to the mass markets.

Secured2 Announces Microsoft Exchange Email Security App