Secured2 and Intensity Analytics Announce Strategic Data Security Partnership.

This powerful data security partnership will provide end-to-end security using efforts-based identity verification and quantum computer safe data security.

Secured2 the leading provider of the first quantum safe e-mail protection and productivity applications announces that it has exclusively partnered with Intensity Analytics. Secured2, will be incorporating transparent authentication from Intensity Analytics, whose Tickstream.KeyID makes e-mail authorship verifiable, while providing a better experience for the user. The combination of these two technologies takes e-mail security to a new level by allowing individuals and companies to safely secure communications with confidence that no one can gain access without authorization, even if they have the right credentials.

With TickStream.KeyID, Secured2’s Beyond Encryption users can add an invisible second factor authentication. This invisible second factor protects against common compromises including credentials sold on the dark web, observed from social media activity, phished from unsuspecting users, or guessed by a brute force password cracker/credential stuffing. It effectively stops the use of stolen credentials, which represents a large percentage of all cybersecurity breaches, by thwarting the ability of bad actors to successfully launch account takeover attacks of email systems.

“Secured2’s mission is to bring back data security to the digital world. With our new quantum safe and beyond encryption data security we have achieved a monumental step forward in achieving our goal of 100% security. Identifying users at the point of login has always been our biggest challenge. As we looked at every solution in the marketplace, we thankfully found Intensity Analytics that can verify identity based on how you type. When you add Intensity Analytics ‘effort-based’ user verification using proprietary TickStream.KeyID, with Secured2 quantum-safe security it’s a huge win for the entire enterprise marketplace!” – Daren Klum, CEO of Secured2.

“We are delighted that a company with the technology advantage and talent of Secured2 has selected Tickstream.KeyID by Intensity Analytics to shore up its next generation product. Secured2 is showing how next-generation email security can work today, and we are looking forward to growing with them in this exploding market.” – Jonathan Nystrom, CEO of Intensity Analytics.

Secured2 and Intensity Analytics together provide the most advanced protection available to consumers and businesses, with no hassle, no friction, no special hardware, and an economical price. Contact Secured2 or Intensity Analytics to learn more about this exciting partnership and how to get it installed today.

About Intensity Analytics Corporation:

Intensity Analytics, IA, is a software company focused on building innovative technologies to identify people by analyzing physical effort to provide a complete spectrum of attribution, from the process of login authentication to the management of information and access to data. IA’s TickStream® platform is ideal for securing remote work: frictionless to users and requires no special devices or hardware. IA holds broad foundational patents covering the novel mathematics that makes the confirmation of unique human effort reliable and accurate. A Virginia-based company, with all software development in the United States, Intensity Analytics is a recognized industry leader and pioneer which has solved critical cybersecurity issues. For more information, please visit

About Secured2 Corporation:

Secured2 Corporation, a Microsoft, AWS, Google Partner, is a quantum computing resilient data security software company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Secured2, is the pioneer of new data security technology that uses a ‘shrink > shred > secure> restore’ methodology, combined with new compression technology that reduces the size of data by up to 80%. This proprietary solution is the first beyond encryption and quantum safe data security solution in the market today. Secured2 continues to lead the industry in data security for customers requiring security for their most critical and important data assets. Learn more at

New Data Security Partnership – Intensity Analytics & Secured2