Secured² Corp. today announced an integration with Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) to add its breakthrough data security technology into Microsoft, Office 365, and OneDrive. The combination gives users Secured²’s industry-leading security on Microsoft’s suite of products.

With an initial focus on protecting the more than 100 billion emails sent and received each day, Secured² has developed a platform that marks a dramatic departure from standard encryption and data security technology.

“Our technology uses a four-phase process that shrinks, shreds, secures, and then restores the data,” said Daren Klum, CEO and founder of Secured². “We sought to move beyond encryption, a technology that is increasingly vulnerable to hackers. Indeed, at least one super computer reportedly has been able to decode a 999-number encryption code in real time. Given that most encryption codes are only 128 characters, it’s clear that a new data security system is needed. We believe we’ve developed that solution.”

The first phase of the Secured² solution for Microsoft will be the release of a Windows application offered through Microsoft’s universal app store. The Secured² security software can be integrated into Outlook, Microsoft’s personal email service, and then Office 365.

How does our technology work? In a matter of microseconds, our system first uses a new, proprietary compression process that shrinks the data by up to 90 percent. This patented process also converts data into a random format that protects data beyond traditional encryption. Once the data’s digital footprint is reduced, our core product, a “Data Shredder,” then scrambles each shred, encrypts each shred and randomly distributes the shreds across multiple unique storage locations (clouds, hybrid or local VMs) — in the case of Microsoft in multiple virtual machines in Azure’s diverse global cloud storage network. The data is restored by using Microsoft’s industry-leading log-in options, which include fingerprint, facial and iris recognition.

“Secured² is taking advantage of Microsoft’s Outlook, Office 365 and OneDrive APIs to give users additional data security options,” said Rob Howard, director, Office 365 Ecosystem, Microsoft.

The first phase of the Secured² rollout is expected to take place in the second quarter of 2016.

“With spiraling numbers of high profile data hacks, anyone online should take potential security risks very seriously, especially when using cloud services,” Klum said.

Secured² announces the integration of its security into Microsoft, Office 365 and OneDrive