Data Security Problem of Too Many Choices

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing data security game, something very interesting has happened. There are simply too many choices and a perpetual merry go round of failed technologies that simply don’t work.

In the old days you had a few choices, so getting protected was a far easier process. It was basically ‘throw AES encryption on the data, have a firewall (Checkpoint or other), anti-virus (Symantec / Norton / McAfee), and maybe a VPN if you were paranoid you were good to go.’

Well, in today’s new data security world, you have endpoints to manage, access to manage, networks to manage, databases to manage, keys to manage, clouds to manage, compliance to manage, and the list goes on. Then, with each vulnerability there are ‘gazillions’ of solutions, services and consultants that will drag you in many different directions giving you vendor fatigue. To top it all off, your security costs soar, you are less secure than ever, the only thing really securing you AES encryption is dead and there are new compliance’s around data with rules changing constantly. Then at some point when you look at your balance sheet you have an ‘oh $#!t’ moment where you cannot believe what you are spending on security. Only to realize you are not indemnified, you are not secure and are just one breach away from oblivion.

Meanwhile, the CISO, the IT Directors and CTO’s are left holding the bag with endless meetings, endless solutions to review and knowing they are one breach away from losing their job. A breach that is inevitable because nothing today is secure because the technology is broken.

Therefore you must ask the logical data security questions:

  • What can you trust?
  • What really works?
  • What actually secures your organization?
  • How do you get indemnified?”

If you really think about it – security today is a frustrating and impossible task.

To compound the obvious problems, we live in a new world of infinite choice of data security tech. How in the world do you even assesss and choose a solution? MIT describes this problem as the ‘Paradox of Infinite Choice!’ Basically, how can you possibly choose one thing when there are so many choices and most of them bad? Oddly enough this is a very big problem for today’s security professional. How on earth can you choose in an age of fake news, misinformation and snake oil? Especially when most solutions are nothing more than the same old mattress just dressed in different colored sheets and all hyped using misleading marketing. According to MIT you can get around the Paradox of Infinite choice by simply stepping away, reassessing and having psychological distancing from the problem / solutions you are trying to fill. This gives you a chance to digest the problem, think through the real solution and assess what you really need to find in data security or other industries.

What’s very clear is the current solutions we are using for data security are simply not well enough equipped to handle the emerging threats posed by AI, machine learning and advanced computing (quantum computers & supercomputers). Today’s biggest threat are high-powered algorithms when combined with ultra-fast computing can disrupt everything we know in our industry. A data security breach Tsunami is coming, you can see the wave building and very soon that wave is going to crash on our shores. In my experience, it already has and yet I see most business owners and tech folks want to pretend the problem doesn’t exist. If you are not asking the question ‘are we quantum safe’ it’s the only question you need to be asking right now. Because the companies that don’t get hacked in our future are the ones who have answered this question today.

There is no silver bullet to solve today’s security mess. However, by using new solutions like Secured2 that can make your data quantum safe, by using Intensity Analytics you can ensure only the intended parties can access your companies information and by using Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and or AWS you can ensure your data is in the most robust & resilient cloud providers in the world. Also, very soon Secured2 will be embedded into the devices you buy through our exciting new partnership with Foxconn. By using Secured2, Intensity Analytics, Foxconn (quantum safe devices) & robust cloud providers you can greatly enhance your security, peace of mind and minimize the things you need to manage. Most importantly – if you use Secured2 you are indemnified from a data breach! Isn’t that what you have always dreamed about?


Today’s Data Security Problem – the Paradox of Infinite Choice