Artificial Intelligence has a bright future, but storm clouds are coming

Artificial Intelligence (AI) touches our lives every day. It is driving everything from what searches we see on Google to managing our air traffic systems. What has amazed me the most is how AI has been quietly integrated into the back end of many of the systems we use each day, transforming our world, making […]

The most secure and easiest way to send massive files to anyone.

Secured2’s mission has always been to secure the world’s information and bring back digital privacy. There is no question that TRUST is critical to realizing our vision, as well as for our business and we work tirelessly to earn it every day with our customers. We promote often our quantum computing safe security technology that […]

Is entrepreneurship a science, an art or a process?

Being a part of a startup can be described by many as building an airplane in midair at night while navigating through thunderstorms with no radar. When I hear that anecdote, I think of being in a room full of people asking for volunteers to sign up. For most people, they will hear that anecdote and […]

Why we are building a high-tech company in Minnesota (aka Flyover Country).

We have all seen the famous New Yorker cover of the Saul Steinberg illustration of the View of the World. This cover was on the March 29, 1976 issue of the magazine. This cover has been parodied by multiple magazines. And in 1986 by Kirby Scudder created his own take on the Saul Steinberg’s cover. […]

The changing face of digital identity.

The changing face of digital identity. When we talk about identity, it is a far more interesting topic than you might imagine. Largely because nature has perfected identity between humans, animals, insects, and even microbiological systems. It is fascinating to think that as earth has evolved ‘trust’ and ‘identity’ have become two common elements for […]

Understanding the 3 types of quantum computers and what it means to you.

Understanding the 3 types of quantum computers and what it means to you. I get asked a lot by customers and business colleagues how quantum computers work and help them make sense of the several types of quantum computers that exist today. Hopefully by putting all of this into plain English, you can better understand […]

Secured2 101: Getting quantum safe doesn’t mean changing everything.

Secured2 101: Getting quantum safe doesn’t mean changing everything. As we talk to businesses around the world about getting quantum safe with Secured2, one question seems to come up often; “does getting quantum safe mean changing all of our existing security vendors that we have taken years to assess, validate and deploy?” The simple answer […]

Quantum Computing update July 2020.

Quantum Computing update July 2020. The quantum computing market is being driven by the growing need for large data modeling, simulation of complex data and of course the breaking of any known form of encryption. These three areas have led to billions of dollars spent and of course technology clashes between the US & China. […]

New Data Security Partnership – Intensity Analytics & Secured2

Secured2 and Intensity Analytics Announce Strategic Data Security Partnership. This powerful data security partnership will provide end-to-end security using efforts-based identity verification and quantum computer safe data security. Secured2 the leading provider of the first quantum safe e-mail protection and productivity applications announces that it has exclusively partnered with Intensity Analytics. Secured2, will be incorporating […]

Today’s Data Security Problem – the Paradox of Infinite Choice

Data Security Problem of Too Many Choices In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing data security game, something very interesting has happened. There are simply too many choices and a perpetual merry go round of failed technologies that simply don’t work. In the old days you had a few choices, so getting protected was a far easier […]